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Selling Your Hospital

Hospital Acquisition Program:

VCA is seeking quality practices with annual revenues in excess of $1,200,000 with 2 or more full time veterinarians on staff.

Hospital Acquisition Payments:

VCA hospital acquisition transactions are paid in cash.

Hospital Partnership Program:

Do you own a large practice with annual revenues in excess of $1,200,000? Did you know that VCA has more than 25 joint ventures with veterinarians?
Get the best of both worlds and learn how VCA can use its management expertise while you continue to own part of your practice and share in the profits.

Hospital Merger Program:

Do you own a veterinary hospital of any size near a VCA hospital? Would you have an interest in merging your clinic into a VCA hospital? This provides either an exit strategy or can improve your quality of life.

A Brief Description of the Hospital Acquisition Process 

  1. Complete the online form.

  2. You will receive a phone call within 7 to 10 business days.

  3. VCA Antech, Inc. will either lease or buy real estate property from practice owners.
    Lease terms are 5 years with three 5-year options.

The entire process should take between 60 to 120 days to complete.

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